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Read about individual experiences with Project Ti'ud and see the impact. 

Helen from Beer Sheva

Student Interviewer

I interviewed my mother and I learned things that I never knew before, like the fact that my mom lost nine brothers and sisters in Ethiopia. Something like that I need to know as her daughter.  It's sad that only now I was able to learn about the difficulties that my family went through and beyond that I think this is something that will stay with me my whole life. In the future when I have kids of my own G-d willing I'll for sure tell them the story of our family and it will hopefully awaken in them what it awakened in me.   When I heard my mom tell her story I just wanted to hug her hard and not let go, I just wanted to hear more and more about her life's story because not everyone goes through what she went through. It was truly a privilege to hear the Aliyah story of my family straight from her mouth.  This project truly broadened my horizons, and I can sum up by saying that projects like this need to continue to be implemented.

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