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Project Ti'ud 

Imparting the Story of the Ethiopian Aliyah to Future Generations

"What is told will be forgotten, what is written will last forever."


- Amharic Proverb

"How can anyone discover himself if he doesn't know his past?"

-  Yayo Zaodo (Year of Aliyah, 1991) 

"I want the next generation to be like mine.  Not to be afraid of advancing and developing, even if the road is hard.

-  Elemito Alana (Year of Aliyah, 1980)

Project Ti'ud is a documentation initiative that seeks to preserve and perpetuate the "Modern Exodus" stories of Ethiopian Jews who made Aliyah to Israel at the end of the 20th century.  These testimonies are collected by the children and grandchildren of these brave men and women who overcame great obstacles, so that future generations can stand in the Land of Israel today.  This program seeks to encourage Israeli society, world Jewry, and others to understand, internalize, and learn from the courage and bravery of Ethiopian Jews.           

Play your part.

You too can play a part in the story of Project Ti'ud.  Contact us.  


Share the story.

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